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P38 Can Opener

The P38 can opener is a first-class tool for survival scout camping and other outdoor activities, this tool gives you an opening of 3. 6" in size that you can use to remove the top off of a gun, it also allows you to remove the head and allen screws that are needed to hold the gun on. The P38 can opener is a beneficial addition to all outdoor activity.

P-38 Can Opener

The p-38 can opener is a must-have for any p-38 pilot, this set of 10 military issue shelby co army c ration john wayne can opener is essential for opening up those pesky tears in a flying suit. The five P38 can opener tools are beneficial for emergency preparedness, each tool presents a sharp blade to cut through layer after layer of security card, passports and other important documents. With its sturdy construction and sharp blade, the P38 can opener can help you in your needs of emergency preparedness, this 5-pack of genuine original military army issue P38 p-38 can opener us shelby made is a top-notch way to open an old can without having to be able to adopt your hands. It is a small, lightweight openers that fit into any tool bag or pocket, where can i buy a P38 can opener? You can find can-opener. Org or at a local store, they are basic to find because they are made of military-issue material and come with an 10 year warranty.