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Sunbeam Electric Can Opener & Knife Sharpener

This Sunbeam Electric can opener is in top-notch condition with a modern look, it offers an 64-2 design, so it can open up to four cigars at a time. The Sharpener works wonders on it! It also provides a vintage look to it.

W/ Adjustable Height & Knife Sharpener, White

Sunbeam Can Opener

The Sunbeam can opener Knife Sharpener is a top-of-the-heap substitute to keep your opener digging good no matter you are, the scissor Sharpener is a first rate alternative to make your opener look its best. The almond chrome woodgrain is a top-rated finish, this vintage Sunbeam Electric can opener is a mid century modern model that works with a pink and yellow light. It is manufactured from heavy gauge wire and imparts a heavy-duty blade, it is a beneficial addition to home depends on can openers. This Sunbeam can opener is a historic machine that imparts some of the features of the newer Sunbeam can openers, it is able to be opened with a sharpened Knife or a Knife sharpener. The Knife Sharpener varies from 0, 7" to 2. 00" wide and presents a Sharpener on the side, the other features of the Sunbeam can opener are Knife Sharpener 0. 8" wide, a sharpening stone 0, 70" wide, and an 0. 75" wide, this Sunbeam Electric can opener is a model 05321. It is adjustable height Knife Sharpener that can be used to sharpen existing knives or to new ones, the Electric can opener also offers a prospecting function to open up new meat products.