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Small Can Opener

Introducing the Small can opener! This wonderful little tool helps you open up those pesky cans with ease, the 12 oz aluminum soda beer bottle opener is wall-mountable and helps you recycle your cans in a snap.

Easy Can Opener

This straightforward can opener is top-of-the-line for opener Small to large cans, with a sharp blade, it can easily remove a good amount of food and easily goes into the can with no damage. This Small can opener is top-grade for taking open Small cans or cans no matter how big they are, the handle is manufactured of heavy-gauge white gold plated metal and the opener is manufactured with a small, facile to reach, and blade. The opener also features a safety feature that prevents the handle from getting sharpened and making it difficult to open the cans, the hamilton beach compact can opener is a small, lightweight and affordable opener that can open all types of can openers. This opener is likewise safe as it is of the safety code compatible variety, how to open a can with a can opener: first, identify the can. If it is a large can, like tomatoes, cucumbers, or carrots, it will be a difficult process open can despite having a Small size, first, find the can's large open end. Once identifying, first turn it into the open end of your can opener, second, place the can opener on the top lip of the can. Third, hold the can opener against the can's open end and pull down, if the can opener feels heavy, it is time to place the can opener in the can and reseal the lid. If the can opener feels light, once all 7 can open ends are open, it is time to clean the can, fourth, step into the can and clean the can top and bottom. Fifth, step into the can and clean the can's interior, sixth, clean the can's lid. Seventh, pack the can in the trash.