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Oxo Steel Can Opener

This stainless Steel can opener is a first rate substitute for people who are hunting for a fast and uncomplicated substitute to open cans and other types of containers, the wheel is lightweight and uncomplicated to hold, making it unrivaled for both novice and experienced users. The opener also features a manual lock, making it easier to operate and maintain.

Oxo Steel Stainless Steel Bottle And Can Opener

This Oxo Steel stainless Steel bottle and can opener is an outstanding alternative for enthusiasts who are searching for a soft-handed can opener, it provides a sleek design with a non-slip grip and a black finish that will make your work easier. Additionally, the opener renders a life-saving capabilities as well, the Oxo good grips can opener is a top alternative to keep your food out of the trash can and more easily. The stainless Steel cutting wheel makes it basic to slice food, the lid catch ensures that food doesn't fall out of the can while you're eating. The opener also offers a built-in safety checkpoint, making it peerless for busy restaurants, the Oxo Steel can opener presents a stainless Steel cutting wheel and a key ring to keep track of the areas you want to opener focus on. The opener is likewise locking, so you can’t just open it and get the food out, the opener imparts a backlight so you can see what you are doing, and it renders a warning light to indicate that you need to us a spoon or knife. The Oxo Steel can opener is a soft-handled can opener that is outstanding for opening can after can, the design makes it a top way for taking can openers to other restaurants or homes. The opener also features a buster clip for when you need to fasten the cork from the can.