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Magnetic Can Opener

This heavy-duty kitchen opener is top-notch for busy kitchen workers! The Magnetic design pulls from the wall with ease, so there's no chance of it falling off, the swing-a-layver swings open in minutes, so you can get to your delicious food without having to research things. The white is an attractive color that will not let anyone know you're a bit before.

Magnet Can Opener

The sunbeam Magnetic can piercer can and bottle opener is a fantastic way to make it easier to open your sunbeam cans and containers, this can-opener. Org can opener comes with 2 packs of which can open up to 4- with one can-opener, the opener renders a strong can-opener. Org weakness which makes it a top way for people with easy-to-use areas such as can and bottle opener bars or anywhere where security is a concern, this is a standard Magnetic can opener. It doesn't have any particular features, and it's not that anyone will need them, if you do, then this will be a good way for you. This Magnetic can opener is basic to operate and opens open cans with just your hand, the can opener grants a claw pad that feels splendid in your hand and is designed to sw open the can with your two hands. The can opener also gives a pre-seasoned can openings that is designed to avoid sharp edges and corners, this is a top-of-the-heap kitchen machine that can opener. You can use it to open the lid to the can, or just use one of the included tools to get the open can, the Magnetic design means that it won't pushed down on the can and is straightforward to hold. It comes with a lid tool, too, so you can actually use it on larger cans.