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Juice Can Opener

The is an unique do-it-your-self way for grapefruit, pineapple and grapefruit juice, the juicer just needs a can open, straw and you're ready to start fresh.

Best Juice Can Opener

The Juice can opener is a must-have for any vintage american can or glass container, it effortless to handle and effortless on the hand. This openers into Juice is terrific for individuals who are digging for a straightforward and convenient alternative to open cans or glass, this jar opener is for allowing juices and out of your bottles while you're eating or drinking. It's also for opening up your Juice canaries or jars that you've been keeping, the opener grants a variety of sounds to let you know what you're doing or doing something important in your life. This open top Juice can opener is an unique and classic product, it is produced of heavy weight metal and plastic. The opener provides a sturdy handle which makes it effortless to hold, the juicing end of the opener is equipped with an interchangeable blade that allows you to cut delicious milk-based products. The other end of the opener is equipped with an instruction booklet which tells you how to open a Juice can without objects, this kids'julie's choice! This is a small, but popular open-face Juice opener that also can open fruit drinks and lemonade. This open-face Juice opener is fabricated from durable plastic and offers a deep well for adding juice, it comes with a plastic case and plastic guard that makes adding Juice facile for young hands.