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Ekco Can Opener

This vintage era can opener is a best-in-class tool for when you need to open a bottle of wine at the camping or travel, the keyer imparts a comfortable and tall grip for uncomplicated use. The retractable wine opener also means that you can easily remove it from your tool kit for a second use, the can opener is furthermore adjustable to suit a range of sizes from products.

Ekco Can Opener Vintage

The Ekco can opener is a classic piece of equipment that can be used to remove a beer or wine bottle from a glass or can, the handle is fabricated of wood with a natural wood effect, making it feel boisterous and giving the impression that the user is in charge. The blade is adjustable to a helicon setting, which makes it effortless to handle and move around, the water-resistant blade as well included, for a more durable opener. This open can opener is manufactured from vintage Ekco wood and gives a black handle, it is an enticing addition to all home security or item opener. This is a vintage keyword page for can opener vintage can opener usa, if you're searching for a can opener that is both unique and classic, vintage 2001 Ekco handheld metal can & bottle opener is the one for you! The Ekco model is the only one that offers a metal blade and a metal posts, which makes it sharp-looking and facile to use. The bottle opener is likewise Ekco model, but offers a metal blade that is about inch in diameter and the posts are of metal alloys, the Ekco can opener is a top-of-the-heap tool for use wine corkscrews or camp tools. It is a retractable wine corkscrew that making it first-class for use in your travels, the open design means you can travel with the can opener wherever you go.